2007 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon

Here is a great com­pi­la­tion of pho­tos by Bare­foot Ted, taken dur­ing the 2007 Ultra Marathon in Cop­per Canyon. And make sure you pay close atten­tion to the words in the back­ground music! Hilar­i­ous. This race is the one that was set up by Caballo Blanco and told in the book Born to Run. Scott Jurek.

Caballo Blanco’s account of the 2007 race on his blog (link). And here are the fin­ish­ers posted with their times from Caballo’s blog:

Results: The Ultra Marathon had 38 starters and 20 finishers.

1) Scott Jurek (33)–El Venado–Chumari’–Washington– 6:32
2) Arnulfo (27)–Chepatare–Batopilas canyon 6:50
3) Billy Bar­nett (22)–El Rana Lobo–Wolf Frog–Virginia 6:59
4) Jenn Shel­ton (23)–La Brujita–Little Witch–Virginia 7:00
5) Manuel Luna (42)–Gavilana–Batopilas canyon 7:47
6) Arnul­foc­ito (18)–Santa Rita–Batopilas canyon 8:00
7) Nacho Palma (42)–Quirare–Batopilas canyon 8:03
8) Mar­tin Gal­lito (21)–Chepatare–Batopilas canyon 8:10
9) Leonardo Cleto (22)–Piedras Verdes, Urique canyon 8:12
10) Jose Hilario (22)–Piedras Verdes, Urique canyon 8:13
11) Sebas­tiano (37)–San Jose, Batopi­las canyon 8:16
12) Mike Adams (38)–El Perro Grande-Big Dog-Washington 8:48
13) Micah True (54)–El Caballo Blanco–White Horse–???? 8:58
14) Bare­foot Ted McDon­ald (43)–El Mono–Monkey–California 9:44
15) Char­lie Criss­man (38)–El Buho–The Owl–Washington 9:54
16) Chriss Labbe (37)–El Cabro–The goat–Colorado 10:02
17) Jamil Courey (22)–El Carnero–The Ram–Arizona 10:16
18) Deb­o­rah Beza­nis (49)–La Cebolla–The Onion-Chicago 11:33
19) Samuel War­ren (38)–El Girafa–The Giraffe–Washington 11:33

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