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We all have the power to motivate.

Twit­ter is great for many things. Like links to good infor­ma­tion, humor, and encour­age­ment. It can also be quite a good source of moti­va­tion. And that’s what I got today. I posted a tweet ear­lier today say­ing it was so warm here today in the San Fran­cisco Bay Area that I thought I’d go for a trail run after work. Then I remem­bered it’s still Jan­u­ary and the sun sets at 5:30.

Stu­art (@sswineford) and Jason (@JasonFitz1) called me out on the hes­i­ta­tion to run in the dark. They encour­aged me to get out there, say­ing that’s what head­lamps are for.

I sud­denly real­ized I had fallen asleep at the wheel. Just 16 months ago I was in phys­i­cal ther­apy barely able to walk with­out pain from a ter­ri­ble back injury. Now I’m about to make excuses for not get­ting out and run­ning? The injured me would never have let me not go.

I had excuses, though. My knee has been both­er­ing me and quite painful at times. I didn’t get home from work until after 8pm. I am tired. Get­ting to and from the trails will take 40 min­utes of time. I need to do some more work. I might trip in the dark. The list goes on.

These were legit­i­mate excuses. But they’re still excuses. I knew I would ulti­mately feel bet­ter for run­ning, yet I would have given in to these excuses and stayed home had it not been for Stu­art and Jason’s tweets. Two short sen­tences. Yet so powerful.

I had a thor­oughly enjoy­able run, enjoy­ing the mix of warm and cool breezes on my skin, the raw smell of nature, and the soli­tude (except for the glow­ing eyes). As the blood began pump­ing faster through my veins I woke up from my men­tal slum­ber. It felt good to break free from the nor­malcy and redun­dancy of every­day life.

What moved me the most, though, was the abil­ity we each have to encour­age one another to get out there and seize the day. Or, in this case, the night. Carpe noctem, folks. Seize the night.

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